Cup on Table

The View from the Kitchen Table

Apologies for still talking about Covid 19, 4 months down the line but it appears to be what 2020 wants to be all about so we’ll give it the due attention its demanding. By the time you’re reading this the majority of people will be back to work, providing they still have a job to go to. I work directly with the public, so off I go back to work where ‘Its life Jim but not as we know it…’ Maybe I should be nervous about catching the virus but I think I’m more nervous of getting the PPE /hand washing/sterilising wrong and being hauled over the coals for it. I got it wrong going into DIY shop with my mortified daughter. I panicked and put the trolly handle cleaner on my hands, realised my mistake and put the hand sanitiser on top where it foamed up, and I spent the trip around the shop franticly wiping suds onto my clothes which possibly undid any good it had done in the first instance. I’m back in work early, we were moved up a phase, which was greeted with great joy and happiness, even a couple of tears from ecstatic clients, swiftly followed by a backlash when people realised that it may possibly cost a bit more because their hair may need an extra few tubes of colour to repair DIY disasters. Lambasted was the word that came to mind, but it was lovely to feel like a hero even if it was just for 5 mins. I’m confident in this prediction though, we’ll all ay for this one way or the other, and if it’s not in your hair salon, it will be in the supermarket (already noticing an upward swing there- although that could be the increase in wine consumption)and I’ve no doubt that restaurants and pubs will do likewise. But it will be just fantastic to get back to a bit of normality because I’m not sure how many more stages of Covidding there are… I went through the frantic decorating stage (I thought I’d be back in work within 4 weeks), then on to the Nigella-like baking stage but I didn’t look like her and I was the only one eating the end product (dry scones anyone?)so I moved on to the super exercisers stage – 5k runs followed by a HIIT class maybe a bit of online yoga thrown in for fun?!I had to admit I had overdone it when every niggle and injury I ever had made its presence felt, usually at 3 in the morning(this was also the insomnia stage) I’d love to tell you that I’m now a size 6 waif, emotionally balanced, better educated, more accomplished, super fit human but, I’m still just me. If you had told me in March that I wasn’t going back to work until July, I would’ve lost the plot (I’m using work to signify normality), so maybe I have grown as a person a little. and the house is definitely painted…!

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