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Social Media for the Coaster

The Meath Coaster is enhancing it’s digital and social media presence.

Instagram @meathcoaster

During July an Instagram account went live to highlight the many wonderful photos sent in as prospective magazine covers by local residents every month. As there can only be one cover each month, Instagram offers an ideal platform to share more photos with the community.

There are many great photographers, both professional and hobbyists in the area and they find so much inspiration all around.

If you have a photo you’d like to share, please email it to

Website Articles

Meanwhile the website features the digital edition of the Coaster every month. With the Covid-19 lockdown effecting so many business, the digital edition became increasing important to the communities with over 7000 readers some months. That trend is likely to increase.

To make reading and sharing articles easier on mobile devices, a new page has been created featuring individual links for each item. Each article will also include a social media sharing button. There is a comments section below most articles. Articles will also soon be available through Facebook with all the features of that platform.

In addition, articles will be optimised for faster loading on tablets and smartphones.

For those who enjoy reading the publication in its entire (virtual) context, the original digital edition continues at Any feedback on the new digital offerings is very welcome! §

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