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The View from the Kitchen Table

The amount of rain and bursts of sun has made the gardens grow like wildfire, and I’m sure the plants in mine are very grateful. I’m an inconsistent gardener at best. Lockdown (that wasn’t a lockdown) did put some manners on me, and I actually did a little in the garden most days as opposed to every other year where I savagely attack it over a weekend and then neglect it for a few months. I remembered to use my water butt and I actually found at least 3 half used Plant food tubs during a 3 week long shed clear-out, so my plants were not only well hydrated but fed well too. For a little while anyway.

Now that I’m back at work, my good intentions have wavered and it’s an every-plant-for-itself situation. That’s why I’m thankful for the rain. They are flourishing and happily bullying the life out of each other. I have almost no idea whatsoever about plants so I have wasted more money over the years buying the wrong plant, or planting them in the wrong place. An online order earlier this year came with 2 packets of flower seeds which I don’t remember ordering, and 2 Strawberry plants which are a mystery I don’t remember ordering them either but I found a place for them, The seeds are still in their packets, because seeds need a bit of nurturing so I’ll get to them in due course.

I did go the bother of making my own hanging baskets on a creative day. If that sounds like I weaved the actual baskets myself, that’s a no. I had empty ones them from last year, but I did fill them and plant the plants in them (that’s making them isn’t it?!) The only drawback about hanging hanging baskets in a sheltered spot, as I did because that’s where the hooks are, is that they need gallons of regular watering. This I neglected to do so the only hanging they were doing was over the side of the baskets, limply trying to get my attention while breathing their last. I took them down, did my best to revive them and put them out in the open where they could enjoy the rain. I guess they were no longer hanging baskets, they were now ground baskets.

I got into the car the following morning, forgot they were in front of the car and drove over two of them, so they became flattened baskets, I moved them to a safer area so I suppose now they were definitely mobile baskets. The following day my son reversed over them. They were now endangered baskets . In fact they are a bit traumatised, I rescued the flattened plants and moved them to safety, but I swear they huddle together for courage when they see the cars coming. I only have three indoor plants. I tell everyone not to buy them for me, its almost certain death, although I do try, and I have been watering what looks suspiciously like a stick for about two years, because someone told me it would bloom again (it’s a delicate Lilly). I dunno though – defo looks like a stick to me.

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