Financial Advice – September 2020

€100 For Cover That May Only Cost €70?

Our new financial planning system has been hugely successful and popular in assisting clients with setting budgets and plans in place for their future. We try to get people to visualise what they would like to have as a goal, whether it is to pay off a mortgage early, retire early, travel the world or simply provide for family later in life.

Another handy way it can help is to configure whether a person has enough protection in place. Whether it is mortgage protection when purchasing a home or perhaps income protection for a self-employed person, the first question we ask is …how much have you got to spend? This is a great starting point as we can then provide various quotes to accommodate this figure without going over budget before we have even begun!

The following is an example of a quote for Joe Bloggs who is a married, 35-year-old, non-smoker who told us that he has €100 as a monthly budget for his protection needs. In his case, the three main areas he wanted to review was protection for his income, life cover for his family and specified illness cover.

Sample Quote

After we provided Joe with these quotations, we were able to inform him that he can claim tax relief on €75 of this cover at his standard tax rate (20% or 40%). This meant that he could save €15 to €30 a month bringing the total cost (€100) of the cover down to as little as €70 per month.

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