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Loreto Balbriggan: An Education for Life.

As a very different September comes around again Loreto Secondary School Balbriggan prepares itself for a busy year ahead in a very changed environment. The commitment to excellence, the dedication of the staff and the wonderful sense of community remain very much alive and well. This was reflected in our pride in the class of 2020. The results were outstanding, no less than eight students were awarded over 600 points and a further 25% of the students got over 500 points with 50% at over 400.  Congratulations must be extended here to Emily O Sullivan and Ruby Pereira on their outstanding achievement in getting the full 625, the highest points possible.   The achievements of the class of 2020 open the doors of all the major universities to our students. Last November, there were scholarships given for most of the major universities to the class of 2019 and we have no doubt that it will be the same for the class of 2020 although as with everything else the ceremonies will most likely be a virtual affair.

Emily O Sullivan with Miss Mc Donough
Emily O Sullivan with Miss Mc Donough on receipt of 625 points and top marks in the HPAT

This year’s graduates were a credit to the school in doing so well despite the considerable challenges posed by remote learning since march as well as the cancellation of the exams and the calculated grading process. They are a wonderful cohort of young women living up to the motto of the Loreto Foundress that ‘women in time to come will do much.’ In Loreto Balbriggan we not only encourage and strive for academic excellence, we also develop leadership capacity and aspire to provide a holistic education where every aspect of the student’s person is developed and nurtured. We have no doubt that the leaving cert class of 2020 will meet these expectations and make a difference in the world, they have proven themselves already in these challenging times. 

Loreto Head Girls for 2020

The school is persistently looking forward in its efforts to improve and develop itself to ensure that its students receive the very best care and a positive and quality educational experience. We will redouble our efforts during the pandemic when students need to be encouraged to stay positive, strong, and focused.  More than ever they need the support and foundation provided by a strong and well-structured school community.  Students flourish under the excellent structures and systems in place in Loreto. The dynamic staff who drive the school, work tirelessly for the betterment of the girls.  The pastoral care system is second to none.  There are three deputy principals with two-year groups assigned to each, this is reinforced by the tremendous work of the year heads and form tutors.  The structures ensure that no student will slip through the gaps when it comes to support and care. All the while staff have worked collaboratively at upskilling and researching how they can best optimise the students’ learning experiences during lockdown and now in a very restricted classroom environment. 

 In normal times the school offers a range of extra and co-curricular experiences that are second to none. despite the fact that restrictions have put a pause on many of the interesting and challenging activities available to all.  including Young Scientists, Maths Olympiad, Public speaking, Gael Linn Irish debating, Business Market days, Trials in the Criminal Court of Justice, Junk Kouture, not to mention the multitude of sporting opportunities available from Hockey to Gaelic football, Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, Badminton, Athletics and Cricket. Waiting in the wings for things to return to normal a team of dedicated teachers are prepared to give of their time and energy beyond the classroom to ensure a broader educational experience for the students. Of course this is all curtailed at the moment but will resume as restrictions are lifted and it can be done with the health and safety of all at the forefront.

Maynooth Scholarship

 Looking at some of last year’s successes gives an idea of what can be achieved, even despite lockdown. In May two of Our present 6th Year students Cleo Gallen and Zainab Shahid who were due to represent Ireland as finalists in Anaheim California at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair 2020 were presented with medals at a virtual ceremony. Jessica Chen reached the National Final of the Student Enterprise Programme and received her award at a virtual ceremony as did Robyn agley who won the  Zainab Shahid and Mizna Shahid won the senior category “Eco-Innovation” award in the UNESCO Young Environmentalists competition. In the BTYS competition last January, as were seven other projects entered by the school. Ruby Markey was through to the final of the Junk Kouture competition.  Unfortunately, the final did not go ahead. The overall winner at the event management module in the Future Leaders competition in Croke Park was Robyn Buckley

This big school, with a big heart, embraces all disciplines but more importantly, it embraces all its students with a spirit of care, support, and encouragement. There is an expanding Special Education Needs department and counseling and chaplaincy services that serve to underpin the comprehensive pastoral structures in place. Emphasis is placed on these supports, recognising that the considerable pressures of modern living can have a significant impact on mental wellbeing.

None of the above could happen without the passionate and dedicated work of an enthusiastic and committed staff, the wonderful student body, and the constant support of parents. It is no wonder Loreto Balbriggan opens its doors with pride and passion as it faces into this particularly challenging year.  Excellence, enthusiasm, and dedication typify all we do and this year these characteristics will be what gets us through.  An information video for incoming first-years is available for viewing on the school website www.loretobalbriggan.ie as are the details of the dates for applications and registration.

Virtual Information Video

A Virtual Information Video for students starting in First Year in September 2021 is posted on the school website.

Check the website at www.loretobalbriggan.ie for all details.

Application forms will be available for download and completion from October 1st – October 22nd.

Loreto Secondary School, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin

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