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Did you know….?

Did you know… Multi-Claim Protection can pay out multiple times for different illnesses over the lifetime of the policy and it can also trigger multiple claim components for one illness.

Did you know… Life insurance pays out a lump sum if you die or suffer a critical illness (depending on the type of cover you hold). Death in service is similar. Death in service may be offered by companies as part of an employee’s benefits package. It’s paid out as a tax-free lump sum if you’re employed by the company (i.e. on the payroll) at the time of your death.

Did you know… When you apply for life insurance, you may be asked to complete a medical exam and the life company will pay for this medical exam. It might be a good opportunity to avail of a complimentary check up!

Did you know… Key Person Insurance is a business-specific life insurance (also known as Business Protection) which can compensate a company for the financial loss and other consequences of the death or serious illness diagnosis of a key member of the business.

Did you know… Income Protection policies and some Life Assurance policies allow you to claim tax relief at either standard tax rate (20% or 40%). This means if you are paying €100 monthly, you may get as much as much as €40 refunded on this premium

Did you know… When structuring life assurance for cohabiting clients and their family, it is important to remember that cohabitants have no automatic rights to their deceased partner’s assets under the Succession Act. By setting up an individual Life Assurance policy on the other person (i.e. Life of Another) with the premiums being paid from their individual bank accounts, this can help avoid a potential inheritance tax bill.

Did you know… If you are self-employed, Shareholder/Directorship Protection is an arrangement between company directors, which allows for a deceased’s directors share of a company to be bought by the remaining Directors.

Did you know… by reviewing your Mortgage Protection policy, you may be able to obtain more cover and additional benefits for the same or reduced price than with your original policy.

Did you know… the application process has become a much easier process these days with the availability of editable PDFs and Docusign …one pro to come out of the current situation!

Did you know… For any change in lifestyle (e.g. New house, starting a family) it is a good practise to review your financial needs and check if you are fully covered or to see where you may require additional protection.

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