Laytown Tidy Towns – November 2020

Our team were busy during October clearing the paths and kerbs of the car park opposite Aldi.

When we first looked at it the paths and kerbs were covered with weeds and brambles.

Now that we have nine in the team it only took a few weeks to get it all cleared.

The path from the car park up to the road was cleared during the week by Liz Barry and Marylou Murray.

All in all a huge difference to that area!

We also focussed on the kerbs and paths at the school.

Liz and Joey started the clearance and the following week the rest of the team joined in so that we were able to finish the job quickly!

James Ellis and David Conroy did a fantastic job restoring the ornamental boat flowerbed. It had deteriorated badly, the wooden edges were rotting and falling away. As you can see from the photos, new beams were put in place giving it a whole new look. It was later painted and “christened”!

During October local residents, Pat and Johnjo Boyle from Alverno Heights took on the mammoth task of clearing the rubbish and overgrowth from the area between Alverno Heights and The Sidings.

Their work has made an amazing difference to a much neglected area, so well done!!

Due to the return of lockdown we currently do not have Will Connell, our CE participant working at the moment. As a result of this there is a lot more litter around the place, proving what a good job Will does when he is active! Should you feel like taking a stroll and possibly picking up some litter as you go, please let us know. We can supply bags, pickers, gloves and hi-viz jackets for you! We are always out on Saturday morning, meeting at The Coast Tavern at 10am. We look forward to seeing you!

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