Sonairte – November 2020

IN LINE WITH GOVERNMENT LEVEL 5 Restrictions, Sonairte is closed from Wednesday 21 October to 1st December 2020

Like everyone in East Meath in Sonairte we are adjusting to the new normal of living with COVID. The Irish times recently reported on the wonderful way people in this area are flattening the curve, which is a credit to the wonderful community spirit we have in the locality. Of course we are blessed in many ways with the beach, the sea and even that cold east wind that wakes you up on a morning walk!

In Sonairte we are using this time to catch up on many projects. If you visited during the summer, you will have noticed the cafe courtyard was closed for maintenance. We’ve been hard at work restoring this 18th century courtyard. Walls have been fixed, flower beds have been removed, the invasive Ivy has been tackled, and windows have been painted. We have replaced the hard concrete surface with soft grass, and plan to have more picnic tables available for when the café re-opens next year. We have included some photos of Jim, Jack, Simon and Mehrdad working on the courtyard last month.

Our thanks to all our volunteers, CE and TUS workers who have worked tirelessly to help improve the centre over these past months.

All of us in East Meath have come through so many challenges already, and COVID is just another challenge. We look forward to re-opening as soon as we can. Take care and stay safe, from all of us in Sonairte. ( the “little bit of heaven on your doorstep” as one visitor once described the centre.).

Remember you can still order online for our weekly delivery

PLEASE NOTE: All deliveries will be made following strict Covid guidelines. We hope to help make it easier for people who can’t leave their homes. When ordering online, please make sure you are in the delivery radius.

Our veg box contains a selection of certified organic local seasonal produce grown in the Sonairte garden, delivered in plastic free packaging. At the moment we’ve got lots of lovely fresh leafy veg – great for salads or cooking.

You can order a €10 (four item) bag, a €15 (six item) bag or a €20 (eight item) bag.

You can also place orders from our eco shop online.

The Sonairte Eco Shop has a strong focus on organic, zero waste, plastic free, people and planet friendly, low carbon footprint living. Wherever possible our products are locally produced or are Fair Trade. Our aim is to be a community hub enabling people to live more sustainably to address the two interlinked crises the world currently faces – the climate crisis and the biodiversity crisis.

Visit our website to view our online brochure and to order your vegetable box

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