Donacarney Girls School

Science Week at Réalt Na Mara GNS

Celebrating its 25th year, Science Week Ireland took place from November 8th to the 15th and who knew we would be celebrating it in a global pandemic. However, that didn’t stop the girls in Ms. Colgan’s and Mrs Campbell’s 5th classes.

“We started the week with our Skittles and Water experiment and we even got a shout out on FM 104 and started a national debate about Skittles. We discovered that when you add water to the sweets, it causes the colour to run, creating a rainbow effect and leaving the skittles white”.

Next up was testing how strong balloons are. The girls had doubts about this one when their teachers suggested putting a desk on the balloons. “We were sure they would burst but we were wrong. Further still, our teachers went one step further and suggested we stand on the table. Now we were definite in our responses, the balloons were bound to burst. Yet again, we were wrong and we had great fun having turns on standing on the desks”.

Of course, no Science Week would be complete without the famous Mentos and Diet Coke experiment and what happens when the two mix. Look for yourself to see the chemical reaction that occurs.

We rounded up the week with a few S.T.E.M challenges where we had to build the highest structure we could just using tin foil and then we designed and made our very own Marble Run. Overall Science Week was a great success and we have great fun learning and experimenting. Roll on Science Week 2021!!

Looking forward to Advent in Réalt Na Mara Girls’ School


We have really missed all our usual gatherings to celebrate our faith and to pray. However we are indeed looking forward to praying during Advent and to lighting our candles simultaneously in each class.

Advent is the time of year before Christmas when we prepare for the celebration of Jesus’ birthday. The colour violet is used as it is the colour of looking forward.

The Advent Wreath has five candles. We light a different one every week. The pink candle signifies joy and happiness. The white candle is lit on Christmas Day. The circular shape represents the unending love that God has for us. We must try to remember this when we are going through hard times during the Covid challenges. God is here for us to lean on and to comfort us.

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