Meath County Council Update – December 2020

Cllr Sharon Tolan

Work – Work – Work

I think it’s fair to say, you can’t swing a cat in East Meath without bumping into some element of road or footpath works! I know that temporary traffic lights and construction works can be a bit of a pain at times, but they will be well worth in the end when we see the finished projects!

Here’s a list of just some of the projects Meath County Council are delivering in East Meath:

  • Laytown Car Park – a complete redesign and installation of drainage works, increased capacity for parking, disability parking spaces and the relocation of the Bring Banks to a new facility west of the bridge. These works are almost nearing completion!
  • Ministown Road Junction on the Piltown Road – New Safety Scheme now completed at this very dangerous location. Some of the Piltown Road now has road markings and I will continue to highlight the need for the entire road to be lined.
  • Spine Road – Craddock’s are absolutely flying with the delivery of this new road. I have been out and about very early some mornings lately and have seen them start work before 6.30am. There will be some more temporary lights at the Triton roundabout when they begin the installation of the new pedestrian crossings, and also at the Parochial Hall when they begin constructing the new roundabout and car park. I have secured some extra pedestrian crossing with this project which I am delighted about, one at either end of the avenue between Scoil Oilibheir Naoifa and Colaiste na hInse, and also one between the Youthreach building and CNI.
  • Woodgrange to Colpe Cross – a new footpath & cycle lane has begun, connecting this small estate to Colpe Cross, the bus stop, shops and nursing home. We also managed to secure enough funding for more public lighting along that stretch. I am working on further improvements along this stretch of road and will continue to highlight them until we can secure their delivery.
  • New Pedestrian Crossings – I have been working on the provision of new pedestrian crossings for a long time now and I am delighted that we are finally delivering some of them at the moment. Harry’s Garage has always been a dangerous corner and we have managed to secure two crossings, improvements to the footpaths and raised tables. This will slow down vehicles and make it safer for pedestrians to cross, it should also improve the access for wheelchair users in the area which I am particularly pleased about. We are also delivering a new pedestrian crossing in Donacarney on Church Road which will greatly improve the safety of pedestrians.
  • LED Lighting and raised tables – as part of the July Jobs Stimulus Plan, we received funding from the NTA to improve safety at a number of our existing pedestrian crossings. These will include some drainage works, provision of improved LED lighting and raised tables in both Bettystown and Laytown. We are also installing some bollards at these locations to prevent people parking on the footpath!
  • Laytown Bridge to Seafields – you will soon see works begin on a new pedestrian and cycle path connecting Laytown footbridge with Seafield pitches, Laytown Pitch & Putt and the beach. This will make it much safer for children being dropped off for training and matches, or those out walking in the area. We most likely won’t get this project completed before the end of the year but it’s on the way!
  • Bus Shelters – another one for the new year! Unfortunately, we won’t get our new bus shelters installed before Christmas, but I have been assured we are top of the list for the new year, for the shelters I secured for Coney Hall in Mornington and Deepforde on the Dublin Road.

I will continue to seek funding for the completion of all other important walking and cycling projects that are needed in the area!

County Development Plan 2021-2027

We are currently meeting almost on a daily basis to work on our Draft County Development Plan. Due to Covid restrictions, our meetings are scheduled online and in person in the Solstice Arts Centre to adhere to social distancing rules. Whilst safety is paramount, it is crucial that we get this work completed before the end of the year. This plan will shape the development of our county and I have worked exceptionally hard to ensure that your best interests are considered at all times. The focus for East Meath in this plan is to address the deficit of community infrastructure and encourage local employment, and I am looking forward to helping deliver those!

Bettystown Library Update

Part 8 Planning Permission has now been granted for the new Library & Civic Building at Seaview Terrace in Bettystown. Meath County Council will be going out to tender in January for the construction of this amazing facility. There are two parts to the tendering process on a project of this scale, firstly a pre-qualification process to assess if the interested parties have the resources and capabilities to carry out the works, and then the official tender. It is envisaged that we will be turning the sod around May/June, all going well!

Stay Safe, Well & Positive

While there is light at the end of the Corona virus tunnel with vaccine hopes in early 2021, I want to take this opportunity to say to each and every one of you, you did an amazing job at keeping our Covid numbers very low here in East Meath. It’s been a really difficult year for everyone, and I hope you are coping ok. Don’t forget there are plenty of supports out there if you feel you are struggling, and details of the Council Support Line is in the middle pages of this edition of the Coaster. Please try to enjoy your Christmas, this year’s celebrations will be very different, so above all else, remember to Stay Safe, Stay Well and Stay Positive!

As always, if you have an issue you would like to raise with me please drop me an email to or give me a call on 086-3669852.

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