Cilles Athletic Club – February 2021

The interesting times continue and I hope as you’re reading this that you and your families are keeping well. The reopening of our club for 2021 is once more on hold but each day that passes is a day closer to us getting back out and running together again. In the meantime I hope you’re managing to get out and about for some fresh air, the importance of some physical exercise can’t be underestimated for helping to keep the blues away during these exceptionally challenging times. As a runner I love to get out and pound the pavements (when the knees are willing!) but the current situation has made me rediscover the joys of walking and taking the time to “stop and smell the roses”. Walking on the beach nearly every day and seeing so many others out gives a feeling of we’re all in the same boat but I don’t think I’ve ever looked at the Cooley mountains covered in snow from the beach before, I hope when the pandemic is a distant memory that I still remember to enjoy the views.

Graham Hyland honoured as Meath sporting volunteer of the year

Graham Hyland
Graham Hyland

The Federation of Irish Sports awarded “Meath Sports Volunteer of the Year” to none other than our Graham Hyland. Graham founded Cilles AC just over 6 years ago, providing a valuable resource to the locality. He’s encouraged and nurtured top class athletes to all Ireland status and to go on to represent their country in competition abroad. Graham loves competition but also takes our motto “inspiring everyone to run” very seriously, Graham is a champion of the couch to 5k and wants to see everyone running, no matter what their ability is. Graham is passionate about athletics and running, and this is evident in the amount of time and effort he puts into the club. He chaired the club for 5 years and has seen its numbers go from strength to strength. He’s out in all weather training our juvenile groups and his weekends are spent, during competition time, out cheering on our runners. Graham accepted the award on the 12th of January via an online ceremony and took the time to pay tribute to all the volunteers and coaches in Cilles AC. Modest and inspirational, well done Graham!!!

Club update

Unfortunately we can’t make plans for a couch to 5k or review waiting lists until the club is allowed to reopen. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates, looking forward to getting out with you all in the future, take care.

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