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Cilles AC – March 2021

On we go, still in limbo but feeling optimistic that we’re coming to a conclusion of this episode soon. The trajectory of this pandemic feels a bit like running a marathon. At the start you’re bursting with enthusiasm, the zoom quiz nights and inspirational quotes are flying around the place, everybody is lined up at the start, not 100% sure of what lies ahead. Then you hit the mid section, the initial glow has worn off, head might drop a little, harder to take words of encouragement seriously, this is the bit that takes real determination. The marathon and the pandemic have caused people to eat a lot of sweets during the mid section! Then you realise that the end is nearing, it’s surprising how a body and mind that you thought was spent suddenly perks up at the thoughts of the finish line approaching. Then the afterglow, the celebrating, the congratulating of each other for coming through this, the comforting of those that suffered throughout. I’m looking forward to crossing the finish line with you all.

Injury prevention

There’s little in the way of club action to tell you about this month, I was considering telling you about the fine job I did cutting my husband and sons’ hair but I’m not sure they agree! So let’s talk some running in general. We can’t train together at the moment but most are out and about getting some running in, Graham has been issuing training programs for adults and juveniles in the club. Without other runners to bounce problems off face to face we can overlook some problems brewing, so this month I’d like to address ‘injury prevention’ and some tips on achieving this…

Build up gradually

There’s a temptation, now that the weather has improved to lace up the runners and do a 10k after a month of couch surfing! Stick to a plan and build up your distance and speed gradually, this will give your bones and muscles the time to adjust to the increased workload.

Listen to your body

Our body gives us warning signs, which we can often ignore. Pay attention to recurring pain or tiredness that doesn’t go away with sleep. Keep notes on your training sessions and remember those that do and don’t agree with your body.

Look where you’re running

The evenings are stretching but it’s not time to ditch the hi-vis gear yet. Indeed there’s something to be said for wearing as brightly coloured running gear as you can all year round, be as visible as you possibly can, never assume that drivers can see you. There are umpteen sets of road works around at the moment so keep an eye on the footing and try to avoid these areas. Hopefully all the new cross routes will provide us with some interesting training loops on our return to club running!


Sleep and rest, this is when your fitness actually increases. Exercise stresses the body, rest repairs and improves it in preparation for the next session. Skip rest days at your peril.

Warm-up, Cool down, Stretch

Warm-up properly, you can’t ask your muscles to go from cold to your full training effort without expecting problems down the line. I know I’m always banging on about this but it’s so important. Add some flexibility to your routine, yoga, Pilates, “back baller”, foam roller, static or dynamic stretching, all will benefit your everyday health as well as that of your running.

Club update

Unfortunately we can’t make plans for a couch to 5k or review waiting lists until the club is allowed to reopen. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates, looking forward to getting out with you all in the future, take care.

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