Drogheda Grammar School

Online learning projects

Our TY students have not been deterred by the challenges of online learning. They have used this time to enhance their creative skills by working on various projects set by their Year Head and teachers. These projects include building the Eiffel Tower out of match sticks, making their own ukulele and learning how to play it as well as growing sunflower and lettuce seeds. We look forward to seeing the fruits of their labour when all the projects are completed!

DGS Trader Competition

Over the course of a week our TY students became efficient stock traders! They worked independently on trading stocks through a Stock Market Simulator. The competition was fierce with fantastic efforts by Caelán McDonough Matthews, Darragh Sweeney Logue and Louis Bowler. Congratulations to Caelán who was the overall winner!

Leinster regional session of the European Youth Parliament

Congratulations to Darragh Sweeney-Logue, Caer Ni Ghibne and Ruairí Holohan who took part in the Leinster regional session of the European Youth parliament in January.

Construction Studies and Technology projects

The students greatly benefited from the inspiring weekend of debate and discussion with other students from across Leinster where they discussed local and global issues.

Form 5 Construction Studies students were very busy completing a practical project while at home this month. The students were posted out flat packs of a wall where they then had to draw it out of scale 1:10 to complete it. They had to add their own insulation, breathable membrane, plasterboard etc. Form 1 and 2 students were also set a challenge to come up with a “Life Hack”.
They had to upcycle an item at home that gave it a new use, or design a prototype of something that they can use. They ranged from – painted light bulbs, turning an orange into a candle, frying an egg on a tin can, music amplifiers and storage units. Fantastic effort made by all students.

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