Réalt Na Mara GNS Donacarney- May 2021

The children have settled back happily to school life and the sunshine is a wonderful help in keeping us all healthy. Classes have resumed their usual routine and learning continues.

Earth Day
One thing we all became more aware of during the lockdown was the damage we are doing to the planet. Ms. Sorensen’s First Class learned more about this through participating in the Picker Pals programme and went around the school grounds picking up litter on Earth Day. The girls are developing a greater understanding of the impact their behaviour has and are taking responsibility for looking after this beautiful planet and its flora and fauna.

Maths Is Fun
Ms. Duffy’s Senior Infants have been learning all about water in April. The girls enjoyed discovering new facts about sea creatures, pretending to visit the Aquarium during playtime, and measuring with water during maths. They learned about capacity by estimating and investigating how many cups of water they would need to fill various containers while having lots of fun! §

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