St. Colmcilles G.A.A.

Fixtures Are In

With things hopefully getting back to “normal” we are glad to say that the fixtures are in and the games are real.  My now our adult men’s and ladies teams have been given their initial Cup/League programmes and the underage games are now rolling out.  Soon we will be back doing what we do best – playing games and having fun.  We wish all our teams the very very best for the season ahead

Supporting Darkness Into Light

A big well done to all our teams and members who worked so hard in supporting and taking part in the Pieta House, annual Darkness into Light event.  A special word to our senior ladies who took part in a 24 hour “solo-ton” on the beach, getting in some practice whilst raising a very significant sum for charity

Supporting Us Far And Wide

As any fans of the “We are Meath” podcast will be aware, they have an avid listener from St Augustine in Florida,  Matt Durkee.  After an exhaustive search, Matt who knew he had Meath roots was linked back to our club.  Many of Matt’s family emigrated from our community in the 1800’s moving to Boston with Matt’s family moving on to  Florida.  It certainly is a small world and made smaller by technology.  We look forward to welcoming Matt to the club once travel restrictions are lifted

Get Involved In 2021

Do your want to be part of something special, a community club, to make a difference in your community, to make a positive impact on the lives of many?  If so then the Cilles is the place for you. As a player, supporter or volunteer we have so many roles and parts that can be played.   If you have any queries reach out to us at


Our club lotto funds day to day running costs and must be the one of most won lotto in the country.   We need your support in these times with all other fund raising sources drying up.     You can play online at or subscribe for an annual ticket for €100.  We need your support !

The jackpot is now €5,500

Shane Black Cul Cilles Academy

The famed Shane Black Cúl Cilles Academy is back every Sunday (bar Bank Holidays).  From aged 4 to aged 9 great fun is guaranteed.  We look forward to welcoming everyone back or to the academy for the first time and hope that this is the beginning of a long involvement in the blue of St Colmcilles

Membership Due

Membership can be paid at and our preference is that is paid online.  Membership rates remain unchanged from 2020 and are excellent value for money.  Membership costs allow us pay our day to day costs including affiliation fees, equipment, School’s GAA costs and pitch maintenance charges.  Anyone experiencing any challenges with respect to membership then please do not hesitate to contact your team manager in absolute confidence

Check Out Our Weekly Club Notes

Our Club notes issue every Monday morning on and all our social media channels.  Links are sent to all coaches and out to the various team groups.  If you don’t get yours then please contact your team manager and keep an eye out on all our social media platforms  

We Want Your Memories

As we celebrate our 50th we want to hear your memories and see your old photos.  We are currently trying to scan and archive as many old photos and memories as we can so that we have a permanent resource.  No memory is too small, they are all so special so please send us your photos and your memories to   We can’t wait to hear from you

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