Cashflow Planning

The heading makes the task sound a bit boring, and slightly business-like… but the actuality of this term is something we all do in everyday life! Each month, most of us will have bills to pay, maybe a mortgage/rent, household utilities, insurance…followed by food/clothing bills, savings and hopefully some funds to put aside for a social life or something nice to enjoy as a reward for our hard work. This short-term planning is an important and smart habit to have and can help us be prepared for any unexpected bills or events that may occur along the way.

A secure online financial planning system we use for creating financial reviews can help with the long-term cashflow planning. It allows safe access to a portal where you input your expenditure/liabilities, savings/income and most importantly, your objectives now and further into the future. The more information you can input, the clearer the picture can be for your financial adviser and the more accurate the recommendation. It helps to highlight any areas where you may need to perhaps direct funds towards protecting yourself and your family or maybe towards saving for big life events such as starting a family, college fees, buying a property or preparing for life in retirement, to give some examples. Or maybe you have a dream of cruising around the world and want to figure out how you can make it happen!

Although this system helps identify the areas you need to focus on and it is planning for the long-term, nothing is ever set in stone and life can change in a heartbeat. The results and graphs can show you various scenarios throughout your life and the impact they may have on your finances.

Once we provide the results and recommendation, it is up to you to decide on the next step. As life can be ever-changing and unpredictable at times, we feel it is important to review your cashflow status every one to two years or should your circumstances change. So, as you have your monthly planning habits, an annual check-in on your cashflow plan will help give you peace of mind knowing you are using your money wisely and as best you can to achieve your goals.

Apart from mapping out a financial plan for the future, it is also a good opportunity to review any existing life policies or pensions you may have. Once you give signed instruction to a provider, your adviser can contact the life and pension companies on your behalf for further policy details. If you would like to see more information on cashflow planning, just visit Or, if you have a question #JustCallOran on 087 6686624

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