Réalt Na Mara Girls’ School Donacarney – July 2021

It has been a successful and productive term for the children and staff in Donacarney Girls School. Exercise and wellbeing along with a return to learning and routine were the priority since the children and staff came back in February. It has been a year like no other but all of the staff, including teachers and SNAs, worked diligently as a team to keep the children safe in their classrooms. Parents supported and cooperated wholeheartedly with all Covid Response measures put in place, ensuring a positive result for all. Well done team Donacarney. We cherished these last, almost normal days, at school and we look forward to a revitalising summer break and a new beginning in September.

Magic lessons at Donacarney girls

Magic At Donacarney GNS
First Class recently enjoyed a ‘Fun Day’ as a reward for all our hard work throughout the year. We had a special guest entertain us on the day, ‘Martin the Magician’ performed some marvelous magic. There were lots of amazing tricks and surprises and some of us even got to take part in the show! Afterwards, we were very excited to bring our teddies outside for a delicious picnic in the sun. We finished off our day by drawing some beautiful chalk pictures on the ground. Everyone had a great time, even the teddies!

Fun and Games
It’s amazing how much more we appreciate the little things in life after they have been taken away from us. A trip to Mornington Beach to build sandcastles with classmates was one of the most exciting and rewarding events for the 4th Class children and it cost nothing. Ms. McGuinness and Ms. Murtagh enjoyed it as much as the girls. They also took time to care for the local environment by doing some litter picking in the dunes, learning a good lesson for life.

Colmcilles GAA Providing Quality Coaching in School

Míle Buíochas do Graham agus Conor as Naomh Colmcille. The children looked forward to their lessons each week from Junior Infants to 6th. Gaelic Football, and sport in general, is a wonderful antidote to the negative effects of lockdown. The girls also had fun with tennis from David and basketball from Coach Ciarán.

Delicious ice cream on Sports Day
Congratulations to all the 6th Class girls who graduated from Primary School and are now embarking on a new adventure in their lives as they begin Secondary School. Ádh mór libh a chailíní ó Réalt Na Mara. The pupils gathered for their graduation ceremony where prizes were awarded and each child was presented with a class photograph by Ruth Sherry from the Parents Association and received a key ring with the school crest from the school.

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