Offshore wind farm proposal

To visit a virtual consultation room, or to get more information on the North Irish Sea Array (NISA) offshore wind farm, go to

Statkraft – a Norwegian State company – has announced that a virtual consultation room for the North Irish Sea Array (NISA) offshore wind farm is now live. NISA is a proposal for an offshore wind farm off the counties of Dublin, Meath and Louth.

Statkraft, Europe’s largest renewable energy generator, is inviting all interested parties from Meath and surrounding areas to visit the room, engage with the project and see the available materials, including maps and environmental updates. It is also inviting feedback through the questionnaire included.

Speaking about the proposal, Tina Raleigh, Head of Offshore Wind Ireland with Statkraft said, “NISA is a fantastic opportunity to harness the energy of the winds in the North Irish Sea and form the basis for a green, 21st century, energy system. A flagship offshore project for Statkraft, NISA has the potential to power half a million homes in this area with clean energy.”

“Open and transparent engagement with local communities and all stakeholders is central to our development process.

“It is important to bear in mind that we are at an early stage in the development of this project and that a planning submission is not expected until 2022. At Statkraft, we recognise the importance of giving people the time and space to consider and engage with our projects and we hope they will take the time to do so,” Raleigh concluded.

The company has taken a novel approach to the layout of the wind farm that would see the project developed in three groups, or pods. This makes navigation through the wind farm much easier for fishers and other marine users and evolved through regular engagement with the fishing industry.

Statkraft says NISA will bring a range of benefits to the area including direct and indirect job opportunities, societal and environmental benefits, a dedicated multi-million euro community benefit fund and increased economic activity.

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