Christmas Technology

With Christmas looming many of you will be considering buying some new technology or adding to your existing technology. In this article I will address some questions I am asked quite often and also some hints on technology you might consider.

Buying a new Desktop or laptop

The desktop has made a massive return during covid and is now firmly entrenched in many homes.

If you are considering buying a new desktop or laptop to work from home or one for the family here is the minimum specification and recommended brands.

I make no apologies for not including Chrome books, Linux based machines or Apple systems. All serve users extremely well but in this context of this article I am addressing the average user.


Processor :            Intel I5 (I7 or I9 if you intended for gaming or the equivalent AMD processor
Ram:                    8 gigabytes of ram – 16/32 or greater for gaming.
Storage drive:     SSD as the primary boot drive with a minimum of 480 gig storage.
Graphics:             The machine will have a built in graphics chip which should be fine for non gaming machines. Where you wish to use more than one monitor ensure the                                       machine has one or more DP ports and or HDMI ports.
Operating SystemWindows 10/11 and avoid any machine that says windows 10/11 S
BrandsLenovo or Dell. Buy direct you will get more choice and also be able to customize the machine to your requirements.

Avoid: Machines with low end processors such as the Celeron, small storage drives, and small amounts of ram.

Avoid: Combo laptops – touch screen tablet/laptop models. Difficult if not impossible to source screen parts for repair of these devices.

Recommended Technology:

External hard drives for backup of your valuable data.  Buy two and use them to backup your files. I have yet to meet anyone who regretted buying and backing up their data.

Mesh WIFI – well worth the cost and in my experience solves many black spot wifi issues in homes.

Ipad or Tablet

My vote goes to Apple on this technology despite the cost. Does what it says on the tin without any hassle but they are pricey.


Epson HP and Brother all produce excellent models in printers. If you print a lot and don’t require colour consider one of the now affordable laser printers. In the inkjet range the cheaper you go the more you will pay in cartridges. I particularly like the new ink tank models but they are not cheap.

Wishing you all a wonderful and safe Christmas and New Year! Stay Safe!

Oliver Reidy is a computer technician and has been in the industry since 1981.You can contact him via email at, by the telephone numbers listed on this page, and whatsapp @08779707040.  This article, and all previous articles, are available to view online at or

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