News from Julianstown – January 2022

by Niamh Bn. Uí Loinsigh & Jackie O’Shea

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We in Julianstown wish everyone a Happy New Year. Now that the festivities are over , a new year begins forget the resolutions, they hardly ever last, and maybe think about FAITH, HOPE, & CHARITY ,  Faith- In these turbulent times, that things will get better ,especially  if we all try to play our part, and  adhere to the rules, this dreadful pandemic will fade away.  
Hope – for the sick, poor, needy, and those who have lost loved ones , that the future will look better and brighter,   Charity ….. where do we start ??  Just seeing the news about millions homeless and starving, ( it’s almost too difficult to think about)  will our prayers be enough? .  Just being kind to others would be a start. A massive thank you to people who work in public services for without them perhaps a lot more of us could have departed this world. However, getting back to celebrating the New Year or should I say Athbhliain faoi mhaise daoibh go léir.

Did you know? The most famous of all the New Year’s traditions. On New Year’s night, families across Ireland set a place at the dinner table for those lost the year before and the door off the latch. It’s about remembering those lost the year before.

Or – The identity of the first person to step through the door of the family home on January 1st is of huge importance in Ireland. In fact, many see it as having a hugely significant bearing on the entire year ahead. Should a dark, handsome, stranger come to the door then the year ahead is bright and full of hope, but should a young, red-headed woman come knocking…well, it’s not good.

Another Irish superstition that’s passed the test of time involves banging on the doors and walls of the family home with Christmas bread. It might sound crazy, and probably is, but this one is all about chasing bad luck out of the house and inviting good spirits in before the start of the new year.

Julianstown Tidy Towns – We have been so lucky with the weather , and we have seen spring bulbs already peeping through. We hope it will remain so until we can get our new hedge of 1,440 plants planted , and beautiful new cherry trees to replace the golden ash which were sadly diseased with Ash Dieback. WE look forward to completing several projects in the village:

Volunteers Needed

  • for Julianstown Village Garden
  • An Oasis in the heart of the community
  • Built with the heart of the community.

Can you Help?

  • Extending the paving around the seat at the woods
  • Native Irish Hedging in Garden
  • New Sundial on one of the circles in Garden
  • Power Point and lighting in garden
  • Maintain all the flower beds in village
  • Replenish the planters with summer bedding
  • Start replacing some of the Cherry Trees in centre of village which are at the ned of their life

If there is an area in the village you feel could be improved perhaps you would have a chat with our committee, and we can see what can be done. We do really need more help and if you can spare an hour or two, it would be appreciated.

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Julianstown & District Community Association

We are forever grateful to our Volunteers who have for many years now greatly improved out beautiful village. We have a great group of Community Employment Workers and you may have met some of them in the Garden and they are Kevin, Victor, Bob, Andrew and Paddy. They work part time , are just a great bunch to have around and thank you boys!. We would also like to thank our sponsors for their help by way of funding our projects and to Meath County Council , and its staff for all their assistance by way of grants and carrying out work in our village. We would also like to thank our TDs. Fergus O’Dowd, Imelda Munster and Ged Nash, Senators Sharon Keogan and Annie Hoey, and our Councillors Tom Behan, Elaine McGinty, Geraldine Keoghan, Stephen McKee, Sharon Tolan, Wayne Harding and Paddy Meade for their continued support.

Dates for Events in Julianstown

  • An Taisce Annual Clean Up – Saturday 9th of April – clean up of whole village
  • Meath County Council Anti Litter League – 8 weeks (March and April) and we hope that all the housing estates in village will take part. Litter Pickers, Bags and Gloves supplied.
  • Street Feast – May – Date yet to be confirmed
  • Julianstown Annual Festival – date in June to be confirmed
  • Heritage Day – Saturday 27th of August
  • Halloween – 31st of October
  • Santa in The Lime Kiln – December (to be confirmed)


We would really appreciate your help in carrying out all of the above and if you would like to get involved please come along to our next meeting – date to be advised.

Alternatively, if there is anything you want raised, please come along, and let us know how we can help. You can Contact us by email on or Face book message Julianstown & District Community Association or Julianstown Tidy Towns (You may have noticed that our Facebook Pages have not been in use since last April as they were hacked. New Facebook Pages have now been set up for Julianstown & District Community Association and Julianstown Tidy Towns)

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