Bettystown Tidy Towns (BTT) – April 2021

Life’s better on the beach

Bettystown Beach sign

Bettystown Tidy Towns was delighted to receive an offer from local sign artist Cormac Dillon of Mack Signs to create a welcome sign to Bettystown Beach. Cormac was recently featured in a Sunday Independent article on inspiring street artists.

All about spreading positive messages, Cormac has created a beautiful sign on hoarding on the houses at Seaview Terrace, at the beach entrance. The sign gives a positive lift to the beach entrance. The colours and image capture the spirit of the beach.

We are very grateful to Cormac for giving his time and energy in creating a piece of art for the community to enjoy.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

As part of our Recycling Programme, we are pleased to announce that AES Bord na Mona has very kindly offered to support our recycling initiative and are providing us with a free recycling service. All recyclable materials are segregated from litter collected by the volunteers and it will now be recycled with AES.

Our thanks to Marina and Denis Reddan of Reddans Of Bettystown, who have agreed to store the bins for us. Other recycling initiatives are being finalised and will be announced soon.

Cigarette butt recycling bins installed

Cigarette butt littering is a constant issue for the Tidy Towns volunteers and in an effort to reduce this litter we have installed five cigarette butt recycling bins around the village. Our thanks to Meath County Council Environment Department who are supporting this initiative.

The bins are provided by and they will empty them once a month. The cigarette butts are then put through a process that extracts the plastic filter and cleaned to a point where it can be repurposed. The toxins, heavy metals, arsenic, lead, nicotine etc are removed, and transferred to ENVA for controlled destruction. The recycled plastic from the butts will be used as a main ingredient in various products, replacing virgin plastics in the supply chain.

The 5 bins will be located at bus stops in the village, on Triton Road and one at the bus stop on the Eastham Road. In addition to these bins, some businesses in the village are also going to install the bins once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

National Spring Clean

Installing Cigarette butt collector 2

Bettystown Tidy Towns has registered for An Taisce’s National Spring Clean, Ireland’s nationwide anti-litter campaign. Our Spring Clean will take place on the 24th of April for more information follow our Facebook page.

Join us

Thank you to local residents who have already been in contact to do litterpicks in their area while our work has been curtailed due to lockdown. If you would like to help with clean ups, gardening or with any other aspect of our works please speak to one of our volunteers or message us on Facebook.

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