Laytown Tidy Towns – June 2021

We continued during May to weed and replant our planters. We started with the refurbished boat flowerbed. We had already reduced the amount of plants in it, dividing the overgrown Pampas, replanting the excess at the bee hotel. We planted some Marigolds and some other plants which we think adds a nice bit of colour to the bed!

The planter on the far side of the railway bridge was also tidied up. The Pampas was trimmed and reduced to a more appealing size. The bed in the centre was replanted with a few colourful plants and was repainted. One of our volunteers is spending his time on Saturday mornings repainting the planters on the promenade which really improves the look!

The flowerbed at the railway sidings needed to be weeded again! All the scutch grass was removed as you can see from the “before and after” photos below!

Lastly we turned our attention to the small flowerbeds around the trees near Gilna’s which were overrun by weeds. We cleared some last week and continued this week. A local resident very kindly donated and planted marigolds in the beds that had been cleared which is appreciated by all!

We will clear all the beds over the next few weeks, planting as we go!

Don’t forget, if you ever feel like joining in, even just for one or two days, feel free to meet us at the Coast Tavern at 10a.m. on Saturday mornings! We’d love to see you!

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