Le Chéile ETNS – June 2021

Le Chéile ETNS pupils enjoyed not one, not two, but three Sports Days this year, and luckily the sun was shining for the last week of May.There was a great variety of fun activities for everyone to enjoy. As well as relay races, throwng and catching, parachutes and circuits, the infants especially loved the Animal Walkway created on the yard.

Middle and Senior pupils showed their competitive sides with basketball, rounders and a firm favourite dodgeball. They too enjoyed tradiotnal playground games and relay races. Earlier this month the principal Susan and two Junior Infant teachers Emma and Laura held a meeting for parents of September’s Junior Infants. It was held on Zoom, at which staff are now dab-hands. The staff always look forward to meeting their new juniors. 6th class have also been really busy with their Junior Entrepreneur Programme and have seen the reality of start up businesses during a pandemic! They have also worked on a class ceramic piece which will be gifted to the school after their graduation and which will grace the walls inside the school. §

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