The View from the Kitchen Table – July 2021

By Geraldine Hughes

‘One day you will wake up and the weight of the last few years will be lifted off your shoulders.’ This very apt quote sailed across my newsfeed and right enough for the last 18 months life has been a very heavy weight for some, a pain in the butt for others and at the very least, a huge bore, but it seems there is a teeny bit of optimism in the air that some businesses are reopening and I’m delighted because I’m actually running out of things to yap about here. I’d rather stick pine needles under my fingernails than have another conversation about vaccines/virus and I’ve decided that entire subject is going into my box of subjects never to be discussed in public along with religion and politics. Views of all three are diverse and wide ranging, and everyone is convinced they are right so best thing is to end the conversation before the disagreement begins!

At the time of writing this, indoor dining hasn’t begun and is looking doubtful but we have managed to get out a couple of times. The first evening, I got overexcited and wore a dress and make-up and ended up feeling a bit over the top but I pretended not to notice that everyone else was chillin’ in their joggers and trainers. I was OUT -OUT and that was all that mattered. It should be noted here that I live in a household where everyone can choose from a menu in about thirty seconds and yet the fastest way to cause consternation is to ask what anyone wants for dinner. Standard answer is I dunno, what do you want? and so the row begins. As a result, it was an emotional moment to have a meal served to me that I hadn’t cooked myself, or had to get into UN style negotiations to get a decision on. I think I almost cried. There were patio heaters and awnings and the weather was decent. The second time OUT-OUT it did drizzle a little and I had a moment where I thought I might have to choose between a soggy burger or a dash to the car with my grub, but we held our nerve and it passed. I think with a bit of practise and preparation we might just have this outdoor living sussed. They say there is no bad weather, just the wrong clothing, and while I wouldn’t relish hunching over a meal in a raincoat and wellies (although if they keep the indoor dining closed it may come to that) within reason we can dress weather appropriate and get back out there and spend some money. Banks say there is billions on deposit and we need to get rid of it before they start charging us to mind it. Since it’s a rising Tide that lifts all boats, let’s go celebrate an occasion, buy a new outfit, get your hair and make-up done, buy new shoes, holiday in Ireland, socialise outside and let’s get busy living again.

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